Don’t Do This On Your Carpet!

Most people think that a carpet, especially a high quality will require regular maintenance and even spend an expensive. But the fact is just by avoiding some of the methods below, and then your carpets will stay beautiful and stay awake. But you also have to keep washing it at every 6 months. Apart from that, here are some things you should not do on your carpet!

Do not rub it!
When the water of coffee, tea, juice, or other liquids fall into the carpet, you unconsciously immediately clean it by rubbing or brushing. In fact, the activity of rubbing the carpet with super strong power will not help eliminate it, but it can damage your carpet material.

Sort-select cleaners
To eliminate dirt or stains attached to the carpet, you can also use cleaning products that are designed specifically for the carpet. Remember, do not be careless! Floor cleaning fluid cannot be used for your favorite carpet.