Hajj Can Make You Know Prophet Muhammad SAW Closer

Hajj is a worship that inspires deep reflection for Muslims because it is performed in holy places where beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW and his blessed companions fulfill their honorable duties. Hajj is to know the “collective personality of the Prophet Muhammad” with certain knowledge which is the source of happiness and mediation of this ummah. What we must understand from the expression “the collective personality of the Prophet” is its mission (da’wah) and its existence as a prophet of the past and even the future.

The world is like a mosque whose priest is the blessed Prophet Muhammad. Mecca is the altar where Islam has begun and it is the place where the Prophet led mankind to study the doctrine of the faith. Madina is the pulpit in which Islam begins to be performed and where Islamic ethics is taught and founded on social life. Visiting these places with deep reflection certainly helps Muslims gain a sincere and certain knowledge about the Prophet Muhammad SAW and his beloved companions. That is why you need to do Hajj Tour with www.hajjandumrah.com/hajj-packages.