Two big reasons why people love Android

Do you know? that the Android os in the eyes of the eye was. and Andy Rubin used to be a Google employee who made the Android project with his team saying “There needs to be a change or by the openness system that is in the mobile”. Well, this Andy Rubin question directly responded by the Google. Then Google agreed to acquire Android and start working on the Android project and until now continuously Android to do the latest version and the latest now called Android lollipop 5.0. Well, because of big name Google also that boosted the popularity of this Android. Meanwhile, you can visit if you’re looking for a trusted Android training program.

In addition, many free Apps for Android

Yup different from Apple in Apps story by iPhone, the average Android Market app on Google Play or Play Store, Free or free. But Developers in Android put the mall or advertising items in their Applications as their source of income. A lot of free why should pay, maybe that phrase that will be prioritized by most of the Android users around the world. There are many Free applications with good quality on Android. Also, the sale or number of apps on Android is already beating the Apps store.