These Three Foods Considered Able To Cure Diabetes Disease

Diabetics are required to consumeĀ in the long term. This is to avoid the disease so as not to spread to other diseases. For diabetics, there are some foods that should not be consumed to keep blood pressure to stay normal. However, there are some foods that are actually considered as being able to cure this disease, such as

– Oatmeal, this food is considered capable of controlling blood sugar levels. This is because there is a proven effective content in preventing and treating people with diabetes.

– Green vegetables, these foods are also able to control blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Choose vegetables that are low in calories and carbohydrates to be consumed regularly.

– Orange, vitamin C levels are very low in the body of diabetics can be overcome by consuming oranges as vitamin C is lost.

– Yoghurt, you need to make sure whether the yogurt you eat is low-fat yogurt because this type of yogurt is proven effective in controlling the increase in blood sugar levels.