Simple ways to keep your eyes healthy

Smoking means sucking toxins into the body. With the toxicity contained in a cigarette, you have the potential to experience: Cataract, Impaired visual nerve, and also Degeneration. If you do not want to experience the disease as above, do not smoke. However, if you are a smoker, immediately try to stop smoking so that your eye health will be more awake. In the meantime, you also need to check out Walmart vision center hours as well, just in case you need to examine the condition of your eyes.

In addition, sunglasses are not only used for style. With the use of sunglasses, your eyes will avoid exposure to malignant ultraviolet rays. Here are the eye disorders that can be caused by the sun:

Brown cataract (sunshine cataracts)
Macular degeneration

Therefore, when outside, sunglasses that have protection against ultraviolet light is necessary. In addition to using sunglasses, there are some effective tips for reducing the effects of the sun on the eyes:

The time limit is outside, especially when it’s summer (about 10 – 2 noon).

Do not go in buying sunglasses.

Use a hat or umbrella that can block direct sunlight on the eye.

Use a film glass that can ward off ultraviolet light well on the vehicle.

Do not spend too much time on the beach and gaze at the sun.