You must know these if you want to keep your carpets clean

Speaking of removing shoes, you must commit to strict rules. Make sure everyone who goes into the house has taken off his shoes and cleans his feet from the dust and dirt that are brought from outside the house. In the meantime, you can go to to hire the recommended carpet cleaner online.

However, if you want to keep footwear in the room, you can use socks or house slippers that keep it clean.

Choose a good vacuum cleaner

You might think that each type of vacuum cleaner is the same, that is, to clean the dirt and dirt on the surface.

But if you have a lot of carpet collection in the house, there is no harm in investing in a quality vacuum cleaner products. You will often use this product to clean the sofa, mattress, pillow and other soft furnishings.

Vacuum twice a week

The more often suck dust on the surface of the carpet it will be better. But at least you have to clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner twice a week.

But over time, you will find the right frequency according to how often the carpet is passed by the footrest or the most frequent area of dust. According to the expert, you should repeat play the vacuum cleaner on the carpet area about 8 times.