Tricks you must know for carpet cleaning

A carpet is an object that may exist in every home. Carpets we usually put under the table or pairs with the sofa in our living room. In fact, we often sleep and lie on the carpet. And it is very risky with dust and other impurities. If the carpet We are exposed to dirt, do not panic, consider how So Clean gives tips to clean your carpet to clean again. A complete, simple and proven way we will give to help you all. Meanwhile, you can also visit if you prefer the professional’s help.

The easiest way is to use a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet from dust. Clean your carpet every two weeks to keep it free of dust and your family safely and comfortably playing on the carpet without fear of dirt or dust disease.

If your carpet is stubborn with a strong odor, make a liquid that mixes warm water with vinegar in a comparable ratio. The trick is, after mixing the warm water and vinegar, dip the foam into it and then rub it on the stained carpet, rub it gently and counterclockwise so as not to damage the carpet. If you have, rinse with clean water using a new foam so that the smell does not stick to the carpet.

You can use kitchen ingredients such as salt, baking soda, and soda water because these three ingredients can help you in removing new stains from the carpet. The way to sprinkle baking soda powder or salt onto a new stain, then let stand some time until the stain is absorbed by the cleaning powder, in addition to removing stains, cleaning powder is also able to remove odors. Then after that, suck it with a vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cleaner, and the stain and powder will lift up together, and your carpet will come back clean.

If your carpet drops a sticky object like a tough gum, get wet with ice cubes then gently pry the gum.

You can also use the carpet shampoo that has been sold in the market. Use enough shampoo, look at the usage instructions on the packaging and wash your carpet at least three weeks.