Parents, These Following Games Are Suitable For Your Twin Kids!

1. Preparing foam building blocks
By playing foam building blocks, you can not only train the creativity and imagination of children but your child can also know the various colors and know the various forms and texture. There are no rules in this game, you only have to build foam blocks into something that you would like to be. You will be able to make it as a house, or even as an animal you like. It all depends on your imagination.

2. Snake ladder
The game of ladder snakes is the most popular board game type in the world. In this game, we will get a piece that will be run in turn. Each turn, the player will throw a dice that will show the number of steps that will be executed by the player’s piece. The hallmark of this game is the presence of snake-pictured plots and stairs. If the player occupies the ladder image, the player will go up to the plot to which the ladder leads. But if it comes to the snake image, the player must go down to the plot where the snake image ends.

3. Scrabble
This game is a game composing the word in English. Players will be divided into several random letters that will have to be arranged into a word on the board in turn. Each word has a different score depending on the length of a word. The player with the highest score will win the game. In addition to fun, we can also add insight into English words that we can play Scrabble.