When Emotions Affect Your Appetite

Emotional eating or emotional eating is when you use food as a way to cope with your emotions instead of eating because you are hungry. When you are angry, sad, stressed, and others, some of you may be looking for food to calm your emotions. Food is usually used as a diversion. At this time, you choose to eat just so you get comfort compared to thinking about your problems or the conditions that hurt you. Well if you ever experience this kind of thing means you still cannot manage your emotions well. Do not underestimate it, it would be better if you asked for help from the best therapist and trusted as you can find at https://ayahuascahealings.com/ayahuasca-retreats-peru-sacredvalley/ so you can get help immediately to solve the problem and reduce the level of stress you are experiencing. Apart from that, here are some ways to overcome emotional eating!

Learn to recognize hunger
Before you start eating, you should ask yourself whether you eat because you really feel hungry. Usually, if you feel really hungry, you will feel the signs, like the stomach feels “rumbling”, difficult to concentrate, and irritable. If you do not feel really hungry, maybe you can delay your mealtime later.

Find other activities as an escape from your emotions
If you are emotional and want to eat, you should immediately find other activities that can calm you, such as listening to music, writing, reading, playing a musical instrument, painting, sports, and more. This can make you less likely to see food as an emotional satisfaction.